Online Casinos For Arizona Players

State officials have decided to keep all gambling action restricted to Native American casino establishments plus one horse racing track. But still, there are many online casinos for Arizona players that are licensed and regulated in other countries. Below is our handpicked list of trustworthy online casinos for people of Arizona. Last update: February 2023

Payout %
200% up to $1000
98 %
300% up to $9000
98.17 %
210% up to $4300
98 %
200% up to $7777
97.84 %
200% up to $20K
96.2 %

Online casinos for Arizona players and the Gambling Law

State of Arizona is very anti-online gambling at this moment. Most American states at least give permissions to at least fantasy sports or some horse race betting; and now some states even have casino machine games and online poker already available. But this is not the case in Arizona.

If we dig in to Arizona legislature, it is actually quite obvious that state laws related to gambling put many types of betting in to green area, meaning they are legal, in a way… That being said, state has included a very troublesome clause that outlaws any game of chance (or skill) that’s not designated as legal by the state of Arizona. Some say that this clause gives online gambling opposition a way to claim internet casinos can not be legal.

But there are still legal forms of gambling in state of Arizona, like charitable bingo and lottery. But casino gambling is only available at Native American casinos. After the Supreme Court got rid of the ancient federal sports betting prohibition, attorney of Navajo Nation and Doug Ducey (the governor) both said there is new legislation in the works to expand state’s gaming options. If there are going to be Arizona licensed betting sites some time in the future, these will be most likely an outcome of negotiations between state and casino tribes.

Online casinos for Arizona players – what future may bring

Last few years we have seen that Arizona gambling regulations have been slowly (but steadily) relaxing, similar to many other states in southwestern part of USA. So the future for online casinos for Arizona players looks very promising and it is even likely that Arizona could be one of the leaders in the web-gambling movement in southern part of USA. That was unthinkable 20 years ago!