Online Casinos For Indiana Players

State of Indiana has very confusing gambling laws. Some say these laws might mean it is not legal to gamble online from Indiana. Others disagree. If you need to get more knowledgeable answer to the question, you should contact lawyer who is aware of the situation when it comes to online casinos for Indiana players. We have compiled a list with reputable Indiana-friendly online casinos. These are all licensed and regulated outside USA, but accept American players. Last update: February 2024

Payout %
200% up to $1000
98 %
300% up to $9000
98.17 %
210% up to $4300
98 %
200% up to $7777
97.84 %
200% up to $20K
96.2 %

If you want to gamble on online bingo, internet poker, horse racing and lottery for example, you have to be at least 18 years old in state of Indiana. For internet casinos, sports betting sites and brick and mortar gambling establishments you have to be at least 21 years. State’s law enforcement is very strict and not giving slack to anybody.

Online casinos for Indiana players – legality of it all

Online casinos that are situated inside the borders of Indiana state are definitely illegal and operators would very likely face jail time. Theoretically, online casino in Indiana can only be legal if it’s approved and licensed by the state, but we don’t see it happen anytime soon. Same time, nothing stops gamblers doing their bidding on offshore casino sites. Is that legal?

We might say that Indiana doesn’t have very gambler or casino-friendly legislation, but at the same time gambling online isn’t exactly illegal too. As long as you keep playing at legit online casinos for Indiana players (like the ones from our list above), you should be safe. All of these online casinos accept players from Indiana.

Basically whatever is the game you like in your local land-based casino, these online casinos have it. If it is baccarat, slot machine games, roulette or even poker – you could play all of these games online. All of our casinos are properly licensed and fully regulated by their jurisdictions. Almost all of them offer new players first deposit bonuses and free spins.

Cut to the chase – are online casinos in Indiana legal then?

It is allowed to gamble online from state of Indiana (there are no state regulated online casinos though), but it is illegal to operate internet casino website in the state. We couldn’t find anything from the gaming laws which indicated that playing at online casinos is illegal. This also means you will not be arrested when you gamble online. You may continue your casino session now, you are perfectly safe!