Highest Payout Online Casinos With Best Payback Percentages

Below is our handpicked list of highest payout online casinos with best payback percentages. We try to be always up to date – this list was last updated in February 2024 .

Payout %
200% up to $1000
98 %
300% up to $9000
98.17 %
210% up to $4300
98 %
200% up to $7777
97.84 %
200% up to $20K
96.2 %

Comparing highest payout online casinos to land based casinos

As can be seen from our best online casino payout percentages list, the best payout rates for these reputable highest payout online casinos start from somewhere in the middle of 98% and and down go much down from there.

This ‘average return to player’ percentage is also known as RTP percentage. When RTP percentage is 97, for example, this means that every hundred dollars you are wagering through, you will end up losing 3 dollars in the long run.

Highest payout online casinos are many times more profitable

How do you know if 97% average RTP percentage is really such an amazing deal from you from a best playing online casino? Well, average payout percentages in Las Vegas or Atlanta land based casinos are usually somewhere between 80-90%, meaning you will lose between 10-20 dollars wagering through 100 dollars – as you can see, it is many times worse than best online casino payback percentages. And the thing, they used to be even worse in the 60-70s, the golden era of Las Vegas gambling.

Sure, we have to keep in mind that land based online casinos also have higher operational expenses and overhead in general – this is one of the biggest reasons why the best online casino payout percentages for land based casinos can’t almost never be the same. And we can’t get over from the fact that best online casino payout percentages are one of the direct results of tax climate in these offshore countries where best paying online casinos are almost always located and licensed.

When you are an occasional slot machine enthusiast and on the lookout for best paying online casino that also offer best online casino payout percentages, you will probably stay away from land based casinos. And you have very obvious/logical reasons for that. I personally would also add that these two experiences are very different from each other.

I guess it is somewhat similar when it comes to slots or video poker machines, but if you love games like roulette, craps or even blackjack, then you should stick to live gambling environment. And for table games payout percentages are the same in highest paying online casinos and land based casinos – at least when you stick to reputable and trustworthy best paying online casinos with best payback percentages.