Online Casinos For Georgia Players – Guide To Legalized Gambling

Are there any online casinos for Georgia players? What’s going on in Georgia? Let’s just say that due to its very deeply rooted aversion to casino gambling and betting in general, it is unlikely that state of Georgia is going to legalize intercat casinos some time in near future. That being said, it is still possible to play at online casinos for Georgia players – see our handpicked list of most reputable online casinos:

Payout %
200% up to $1000
98 %
300% up to $9000
98.17 %
210% up to $4300
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200% up to $7777
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Many states – like Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware, for example – have legalized online casino gambling, many more have approved legislature allowing gambling or are in the process of starting the legalization process. Still, it is quite obvious that officials of Georgia are not thrilled when it comes to gambling. There’s not even a legit poker room in the state, not to mention real poker cash game action. In current day, Georgia’s anti-gambling stance is among the absolutely strictest when talking about all states of the country.

Online casinos for Georgia players – are they legal?

Not all American-friendly online casinos accept bets from Georgia. Same time, many of them still do. And all these casinos have licenses (not from USA though) and are well regulated in their jurisdictions. If you live in state of Georgia, you might already know that you will have absolutely no problem creating an online casino account and start gambling – if you pick a casino from our list of trustworthy casinos above.

Georgia’s gambling legislation is one of the severest our team has seen. Same time, there are Georgia laws that tell you not to gamble online and that’s internet gambling is illegal. Some say that some time in the near future Georgia is planning to criminalize internet casino gambling and maybe poker as well. If you want to get clear picture what’s going on, we advise you to talk with a legal professional.

Georgia has statues for gambling, but they don’t have definitions of gambling in place. Based on some of these statues, playing poker (for example) is illegal, whether you are playing this game in some kind of a club or a home game that has no rake. Statues also say that online poker is also illegal. Any game where players make real money bets or gamble with anything with value, state of Georgia says is a crime and should be penalized. Yes, these laws are not strictly enforced, but they also do not many loopholes.

Online casinos for Georgia players – so what are the legal options?

If you want to do some gambling legally in state of Georgia, there is always lottery, raffles or bingo (charitable) available for you. So yea, if you like to have your gambling fun at weekends, maybe settling down in state of Georgia isn’t the best option for you…

Some claim that the odds of legalized online casino gambling in state of Georgia are extremely bad – almost like winning Progressive Jackpot playing NetEnt slot machine games. Until then you should just keep playing at those offshore online casinos. Or if you like live casino action, Florida is not very far away.