Online Casinos For Michigan Players

It is true that state of Michigan has recently updated its casino gambling laws, but still the legislators have not decided it it is a good idea to start regulating casino establishments yet. Currently state of Michigan has brick and mortar plus Native American casinos and there are also state-operated lotteries along with horse race betting.

Below is our list of trustworthy online casinos for Michigan players. Law does not prevent anyone from enjoying gambling action in the privacy of their homes. We keep our list of most reputable online casinos for Michigan players always up to date – last modifications were done in April 2024.

Payout %
200% up to $1000
98 %
300% up to $9000
98.17 %
210% up to $4300
98 %
200% up to $7777
97.84 %
200% up to $20K
96.2 %

Online casinos for Michigan players and what Michigan gambling laws say

You can see the laws yourself from Michigan Compiled Statues – Chapters 432, 600 and 750. As mentioned earlier, it’s perfectly fine to play blackjack or poker from home. At the same time do not forget if you participate in unregulated gambling for actual money, this will be not legal. Yes, it might get confusing and vague, when we talk about online casino gambling. This is because laws are very old, but online gambling is not. Local enforcement can claim that internet casinos are not allowed under current regulations and technically they are correct. Fortunately, Michigan state officials are not interested in chasing people who are playing at online casinos.

Many offshore gambling sites for Michigan players have been around for a long time, some even as long as 20 years, and they have built themselves flawless reputations and are often more trusted in the gambling world than some of the online casinos that are licensed in US.

Online casinos for Michigan players and what the future might bring

It is quite obvious that the state of Michigan is not interested in regulating online casinos and sports betting. It might not make sense to many, because overall people of Michigan seem to be very gambling-friendly, as there are already plenty of land-based casinos. Online gambling has strong opposition from land-based casino companies and it would be really hard to pass new (up to date with latest technologies) gaming bill.